Susan Kurtz


                                                    A One Act/One Woman Play

                                               about renowned Silent Screen Director

                                                            Lois Weber

It’s 1917 and the young women of the Hollywood Studio Club are preparing to welcome pioneering film

director Lois Weber.    Lois was a highly successful multi faceted film director whose socially conscious

films are as relevant today as when they were  first made a century ago.   Several of her themes;  a working

wage,  birth control,  the plight of returning veterans and drug addiction still scream for solutions today. 

Based on Lois’ writings and interviews in which she discusses her career as a director and as a woman in

Motion Pictures.   Lois talks about her goals and censorship and gives advice to the young women who are pursuing careers in the film industry.

So won’t you join the young women of the Hollywood Studio Club for an afternoon of ..... “Tea With Lois.”

Rachelle Renesse


      Lois Weber

        “The Peerless,

Maker of Money-Makers”

     - Louis B. Mayer

Tea with Lois

                                     Coming to the

              Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum

               in Fremont, Ca     Sunday November 18, 2018 

                  a live performance of  “Tea With Lois”

                                                                  (more details to follow)